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Hello, guys! I am super excited for my upcoming #MinimalismGiveAwayContest! I will be going to post the mechanics and T&C’s on that giveaway post itself so you don’t have to read this. But this post will help you understand the purpose of my #MinimalismGiveAwayContest and what it is all about.

First things first, what is Minimalism? According to Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus from The Minimalist — “Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelming. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.”
I wanted to share the same thought with you guys because I know a lot of people that take things they don’t need and ends up in a pretty bad situation. I will make myself as an example. Before, I thought that in order to be pretty I need to have tons of makeup. Though it’s good to have a collection but I can’t r…

APRIL SKIN: PinkyPiggy Collagen Pack Review by Crimson Chrysanths

Hello, everyone!
I’ve been testing out and using this product for a past couple of weeks.
If you want to know what my thoughts, then please keep on reading! 😍📖
I got this collagen cream from Pepe and Ko and it retails for 80 dirhams. It’s pretty pricey for me knowing that I am only a student and at the same time there are a lot of good moisturizers out there that retails for only 25-50 dirhams. So, this product must better work! 
PRODUCT CLAIMS: ✔️ Good for all skin types ✔️ Contains 60% (600,000ppm) hydrolyzed collagen along with Tremella Fuciformis extract and Opuntia Coccinellifera extract to provide intense hydration and enhanced complexion. (WHAT?)
Hydrolyzed (hydrolysed) collagen is composed of amino acids, which help form a new collagen in the body. Technically, we already have collagen on our body. Now, what it really is and why people are obsessed with it? Collagen claims that it diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. Although it is not true that your wrinkles can truly disappear …


Understanding the importance of your skin barrier is essential for you to have a healthy skin. WHAT IS SKIN BARRIER?
The skin barrier, also known as permeability barrier; moisture barrier; or lipid barrier, is the outermost layer of our skin's surface that consists of cells and lipids (fats). Skin barrier is responsible to make sure moisture does not evaporate from our skin. It also serves as a protective shield against pollution, harmful microorganisms, etc by producing antimicrobial peptides and proteins.
When we take care of our skin barrier, our complexion appears smooth, clear, even-toned and balanced. Hence, it explains if you are experiencing redness, irritation, breakouts, rashes, etc that your skin barrier is damaged.

To further understand, let us use the famous Brick Wall Analogy by Dr. Peter Elias of the University of California. Barrier function refers to the stratum corneum layer of skin (outermost layer of the epidermis) which is analogous to a brick wall. The bricks ar…


HELLO, EVERYONE! This blog is for you who wants to get rid of their pimples.
What I am going to say are the things that I really did in order to achieve a clear skin that I want. It may work for you or not. It depends on your skin type and skin condition. So, let's get started!♥

✔ Invest in a good cleanser. Investing in a good cleanser is really the most crucial part. You want to make sure that it really does the job to clean your pores and at the same time will not dry you out. A good cleanser does not necessarily mean it should be expensive.
Naturacentials Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar. I already mentioned this soap on my previous blog articles. Why? Simply because it really works. I love it. I've been using it since I was ten-twelve years old? I am not really sure because I've been using it for that long.
How to use: Create a lather/foam by rubbing your damp hands on the soap. It is not recommended to apply it directly onto your face. Wash off with room temperature w…


Of course, we get it. We all need face wash, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc. But aside from that, I think we should have these five beauty products no matter what age, race or culture we have. Everything is just an extra but these five products that I'm going to tell you should be there no matter what.

1. A GOOD BB CREAM This is the most important part. Skip every makeup routine you have just don't forget to apply a good bb cream. BB cream is a skincare and makeup hybrid. You take care of your skin and at the same time acts as a foundation and sunscreen but in a very lightweight formula.
This one is Deoproce Snail Galac Pearl Shining BB I got from Beauty Korea Dubai. I really love this BB cream because it provides whitening and anti-wrinkle effect. It also protects my skin from the harmful UV rays. It also gives moisture and gloss but not tacky. This BB cream makes my skin smooth and bright!


NEOGEN: Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser Review | Oily to Combination skin type l crmsnchrysnths

Hello, everyone! Recently, I bought this clay mask from Pepe and Ko. I decided to make a review since everyone is hyped about this product. This is a clay to foam formula mask which you can use as a substitute of your daily face wash.

Canadian clay pore cleanser is a blend of carbonated water, centella asiatica extract, and colloidal clay from Canada, which cleanses makeup, excess sebum, blackheads, and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and inside pores. Rich in natural minerals and nutrients, this innovative clay pore cleanser transforms into a bubbling foam, leaving skin feeling tingly clean, soft, and hydrated for a youthful glow.

What is Centella Asiatica? Centella Asiatica is also known as Gotu Kola that grows in swampy areas and also near natural waters. This herb can be eaten as a vegetable or can be used as a herbal medication. Some skin benefits that you can get from Centella Asiatica are healing of wounds and burns (perfect for wounds caused by acne), anti-aging a…



Hello, everyone!  I was doing my homework when I thought, why don't I make a comparison of homeschooling program versus the standard one?

I was in a regular school since kindergarten to 9th grade. Then, I was homeschooled in 10th grade. After that, I switched back to a regular school in 11th grade. Currently, I am now homeschooling in 12th grade SY: 2017-2018. Mind you, when I was in regular schools, I wasn't in the same school. I always transfer yearly except on my kindergarten to 5th-grade years where I was in the same school. Therefore I can safely say that my experiences are not biased.

WHAT IS HOMESCHOOLING PROGRAM? To understand better about this comparison, let us first talk about what is homeschooling program. Homeschooling is when you do what you regularly do at school but in the comfort of your own home. There is some homeschooling program where the person which is an expert on a particular subject will go at your house, or that …