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There will be a lot of times when you look at the mirror, all you can feel is frustration - turning into sadness. Because yes, it is normal for a women to feel ugly sometimes.I am guilty of this. Other part of me keeps whispering that I look bad and that I should stay inside and lock myself in my room so that no one can see me. And the good side of me keeps telling me that I am a human and human can't have perfect skin. But the other, bad part, of me whispers loud enough for me to hear. 
And so, that would turn out to not do anything. Just lay on my bed in my pajamas and messy hair.

Hi gorgeous! If you are reading this, I know the reason. Because duh. What else would be, right?
Anyway, I have some advice for you if ever you are in that times of desperation, frustration and confusion. Honestly, I do often feel that way. Specially if you have some toxic people around you that would even make you feel bad about yourself. So I can perfectly relate that's why I wanted to do something …

Tips On "How To School" by Crmsnchrysnths

Let me ask you this, do you study to pass or do you study to learn?

I wanted to get good grades. I wanted to be on top. I wanted to aim high. Those were the words a student once said. But the problem is, s/he does not know how. 

It really gets frustrating especially if you really wanted to get that kind of goals because there are lots of factors that may affect that. For example, you are not a morning person (please read this if you are, your body don't feel like it, etc,.

But let me help you by giving this simple tips that might change your life. This can be very simple but beneficial. 


you may be thinking, how does that affect my studies? the reason behind that is this:  it will somehow motivate you to write notes because your notebook is cute and so is your pen.
this really works for me. i promise and swear by it.

i recommend you to use these pens…

HOW TO DEAL WITH BREAKUPS: When you still love him (when you still love her)

*-First off, i’m not trying to promise here that everything is going to be okay ‘cos who am i to know, right? But i’m telling you that it’s not gonna hurt to try. To breathe. To live.-*

  I know, i know. It sounds strange like,  “wtf u both just luv y make things so complicated” But yes. It does. It does really happens. And it suck.
There are reasons why it happen. Stuff like: Issues about Compatibility, Illness, Mental Illness, Private issues, etc,.   And now for those who’re in current situation, this one’s for you.

  You see, there are lots of articles written, books published, and infos given on how to get over breakups. And I know it’s hard. It’s easier said than done. But the key to get over this fucked up situation you’re currently in is a li’l bit of pushups. Not literally, but emotionally. You gotta push yourself and immediately think of good reasons to continue (i.e, you gotta feed your pet cat).
Here’s a 5 simple steps on how to begin: STEP ONE (1):  Wherever, whenever, wh…


Hi everyone! If you are a student or a busy person like me who needs to wake up early but can't sleep early at night, I wanted to help you by showing my current routine.

Let us get started!

S T E P O N E : the night before tomorrow, prepare all your needs. It is important that you are ready for tomorrow to avoid wasting of time looking for these and that.  TIP (1) You can take a shower at this time, clean your hair, your skin, yourself, etc. (2) Put the things you need inside your bag. (3) Choose what outfit to wear tomorrow. This includes your undergarments, shoes, etc. (4) Prepare the ingredients for your tomorrow's breakfast.

S T E P T W O : set your alarm clock 2 hours ahead of your traveling time.Yes this is very traditional but is helpful.
S T E P T H R E E : the day begins
1. Wash your face and apply moisturizer. 2. Drink smoothie (Lowfat milk, Banana - frozen and sliced, crushed ice, honey, vanilla fat free yogurt, chocolate fat free yogurt). 3. While blending the smoothie, bo…

BK Cell 5 Days of Secret Face Mask Review by Crmsnchrysnths


Hi everyone! ♥

 Firstly, I would like to thank My Skin Choice (@myskinchoice) for giving me this lovely gift that claims that after five days of using this mask, my skin will change drastically on Christmas. My Skin Choice is a company that sells effective Korean products. Make sure to check them out!

Now, going back to the face mask, I was really intrigued about what these masks do. So, after receiving the mask, I waited for at least a week before doing this review (because I've tried the mask for five days) so all of my opinions written here are a hundred percent true and honest. And honestly, this is my first time ever doing a five-day mask because I normally use masks a week. Not daily.

Let us get started.

These masks is good if you have a week vacation so you can really relax. But even so, the effects of it does not affect with whatever day you have. 

The instructions are written on the back with Korean (I think. Please comment below if it …