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Hi, everyone! I know this is new. Today, we will be going to talk about F O O D instead of makeup! If you are a busy person like me, you know the drill. It is hard to prepare for your own food. Especially during dinner time, if you have the time to prep your food you'll gonna choose sleep instead.So, let me share you guys my super easy tuna pasta recipe! You can literally cook this in 10 minutes or less.

let us get started!

So, you need to have the following ingredients:

First and of course the "foundation" of this recipe is the pasta. Now, you can either have the instant (dry) one or the fresh one. To make the fresh one, you need to have the following ingredients:
note: of course when you chose the fresh pasta, you need to have an extra minute for this!
✓Olive oil
1. Start your dough
2. Whisk and knead the dough
3. Let the dough rest
4. Divide the dough into smaller parts to make it easier in rolling it.
5. Roll the dough until thin
6. Slice …


I’ve tested a lot of BB creams ever since I started wearing makeup. You see, I never really wear foundation. If I do, maybe it’s only like 2-4 times since I started doing makeup. I only use BB, CC creams or cushion. 
Today, I will give you guys my thoughts about this BB cream that caught my attention because it claims a lot of skin benefits! 

It says that: “This is multi-functional product including anti-wrinkle, whitening, UV protection and foundation function provide clear and beautiful finish while covering blemishes naturally. The ingredients that Vitamin E-Derivatives, Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid provide moisture and softness on your skin and Allantoin makes your tired skin relax. It also last all day without adjusting makeup and is resistant to perspiration.”
Basically this product is perfect for people like me who lives in a very humid country every summer and is a very busy person. This BB Cream sounds promising, right?

The consistency of this product is thick so it really is …

VOV Green Makeup Base Review! | crmsnchrysnths

HI, EVERYONE! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Today, I will show you what I use in order to conceal my redness and to make my makeup on point and last the whole day. 
I tend to have a very red skin during summer. Using a primer that gives the needs of your skin is the key. So, to cancel out the redness, I use this VOV Green makeup base which is also good for all skin types! 
Speaking of makeup base, if you are like me—a skin care hoe—you can also use a tone-up cream! It is between makeup and skin care: preps your skin while giving you a skin care benefits! Read to know what I use:

So this is the consistency of VOV green makeup base. Unlike some other color-correcting products that are too heavyweight and have a more thicker consistency, this product comes with a cream—a "moisturizing" form. You might say that those color correctors that are too thick are made like that for the reason of a little bit comes a long wa…

ISILOE Premium Tone Up Cream Review! | crmsnchrysnths

Hi everyone! Today, I will give you my thoughts about this product called Isiloe Premium Tone Up Cream.
Actually, this is my second time owning tone up cream. My previous one kinda has a rose tone on it which makes your skin looks like it's glowing from the inside. My makeup is on point whenever I use that tone-up cream. But you see, I tend to have a lot of red marks on my face and using a rose tone cream kinda emphasizes it more. Though it really does looks nice on my face and my makeup is on point, I really do not like having a super red face. That is why I use a green-based makeup to spot conceal my red marks (read to know what I use:

Anyway, using this Isiloe premium tone up cream, I literally do not have to worry about my red marks anymore since it's kinda like canceling it out because this cream has a little bit of lavenderish tone on it. It is not visible because it comes out white but from anot…