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VLCC Natural Science Mandarin & Tomato Face Wash Review | CRMSNCHRYSNTHS

vlcc mandarin & tomato face wash reviewpreviously i made a review about vlcc liquorice and fenugreek face mask and i've mentioned that, that mask is best used with vlcc mandarin and tomato face wash. and so today, i will be giving you my honest opinion and review about this product!

product is good for: ALL SKIN TYPES my skin type: combination to oily (teen skin) product claims: reduces blemishes and pigmentation. purifies skin.  product background: this soap-free fairness face wash combines a blend of natural extracts such as mandarin that reduces blemishes, pigmentation and nourishes skin while tomato extract, a rich source of vitamin c and a natural whitening agent, lightens skin tone to give a clearer, fairer and luminous complexion with regular use.
benefits of mandarin on skinantioxidant fights wrinkles glowing skin heals wounds improves skin tone source

benefits of tomatoes on skinsmaller pores fights acne remov…

VLCC NATURAL SCIENCES: Liquorice & Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask Review by CRMSNCHRYSNTHS

VLCC Natural Sciences Liquorice & Fenugreek Face Mask Reviewclaims to lighten and hydrate skin for a natural glow ✔ For All Skin Types ✔ Fortified with right mix of natural activities to give a bright and nourished skin What is Liquorice? Liquorice or Licorice root (also known as "sweet root") is known mostly for its use as a sweetener. But it has a lot of health benefits. For example, in skin. Tropical gels including Liquorice are recommended for the treatment of eczema. It is often used as a successful dermatological treatment due to its antibacterial properties. [source] It is also a whitening agent that restores the right sebum levels thus it prevents skin from drying.SKIN BENEFITS: -skin brightening effect -fades blemishes -heals different skin conditions -antioxidant properties -protection against harmful effects of the sun [source…