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Hi everyone! Today, I will give you my thoughts about this product called Isiloe Premium Tone Up Cream.

Actually, this is my second time owning tone up cream. My previous one kinda has a rose tone on it which makes your skin looks like it's glowing from the inside. My makeup is on point whenever I use that tone-up cream. But you see, I tend to have a lot of red marks on my face and using a rose tone cream kinda emphasizes it more. Though it really does looks nice on my face and my makeup is on point, I really do not like having a super red face. That is why I use a green-based makeup to spot conceal my red marks (read to know what I use:

Anyway, using this Isiloe premium tone up cream, I literally do not have to worry about my red marks anymore since it's kinda like canceling it out because this cream has a little bit of lavenderish tone on it. It is not visible because it comes out white but from another lighting, I can somewhat see that it really does have a lavenderish shade which is good for the dull skin because lavender cancels out yellow tone. 
And the reason why I said that it also somewhat cancels the redness that is going on my face—even without using a green corrector concealer—is because it brightens, renews and improves your skin tone. It also provides a naturally glowing skin. Which is really what a tone-up cream does. But you see, I like this more than my previous tone-up cream which has a rose tone on it just because my redness emphasizes a little bit more.

Tone up creams are somewhat in the middle of skincare and makeup product. Because it preps your skin for makeup and at the same time gives skin benefits. Isiloe premium tone up cream also has an anti-wrinkle and whitening effect which you can see the result in daily use. 
It is also good for all skin types. 

I personally use this product. People will compliment my skin whenever I use this. This is my pretty little secret and you already know it!

That's it, guys! Thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment or suggestions down below.
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