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Today, I will show you what I use in order to conceal my redness and to make my makeup on point and last the whole day. 

I tend to have a very red skin during summer. Using a primer that gives the needs of your skin is the key. So, to cancel out the redness, I use this VOV Green makeup base which is also good for all skin types! 

Speaking of makeup base, if you are like me—a skin care hoe—you can also use a tone-up cream! It is between makeup and skin care: preps your skin while giving you a skin care benefits! Read to know what I use: http://crmsnchrysnths.blogspot.ae/2017/08/isiloe-premium-tone-up-cream-review_13.html

So this is the consistency of VOV green makeup base. Unlike some other color-correcting products that are too heavyweight and have a more thicker consistency, this product comes with a cream—a "moisturizing" form. You might say that those color correctors that are too thick are made like that for the reason of a little bit comes a long way, this makeup base is also the same! A very lightweight like a moisturizer but does the job like a heavy concealer!

As you can see there's a little bit of redness that is going on my hands right now. Let's see if it does work:



It amazingly evens out right? Perfectly ready for makeup! 

The product does not really claim a lot. Experience it for yourself to know how amazing it is. If your pimple is like too red and super irritated, using this won't do any more harm. Instead, it helps!

So, do I recommend it? Of course!
Will purchase it here ⏩ www.beautykoreadubai.com if ever I run out.

Thank you guys for trusting me. You know that I am always honest in my opinion. 
Leave a comments, questions or suggestions if you want to. I'd appreciate it since I really love to hear from you!

What is your secret in your makeup routine? 
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